Hi There! But wait, there’s more…

This is not my first rodeo/website. But it is handy because it brings them all together, so…

Welcome to the buffet!

Website #1: River LaMoreaux (you are here)

This website is about connecting threads:

  • connecting my writing to the larger world through blogging (you might want to check out a few of my earlier blogs on other sites like 12 concepts that shouldn’t apply. 
  • connecting the different veins of my creative output onto one launching pad.
  • connecting with people who want to create a community of weird-ass creative types who still don’t know what they want to be IF they grow up. 
  • connecting past me (Heidi) to current me (River) to future me (who knows?). 

Website #2: Inner Geographies: Explore Your Inner Worlds

Inner Geographies is about using science, art, creative writing, and experiential exercises to explore your inner landscapes and to connect to the natural world.  I’m currently working on content for Bog of Memories and Waterfalls of Wonder. 

The Inner Geographies website doubles as a repository for creative work that grew out of a course I taught in the Hutchins School of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University for nearly ten years prior to my retirement. The website contains: 1) my personal artwork and writing around this theme (River’s Stuff); 2) academic articles and blog posts  (book chapter): and 3) most importantly, artwork and musings of students who have graciously agreed to allow their work to be published online (intro to inner landscapes content)

Trigger Warning: True Believing Mormons (TBMs) might want to proceed with caution because my personal artwork is not always TMB-friendly (you have been warned).

Website #3: Unauthorized Mormon Saints

Unauthorized Mormon Saints grew from my hobby (aka. personal therapy) of creating reliquaries and backstory for these imaginary saints including “The Saint of Priesthood Envy”, “The Saint of Home Baked Goods” and “The Saint of Wild Words”.

I grew up Mormon and found a dearth of deep feminine stories in my birth culture. This website is my way of speaking to that absence. I also enjoy stirring up shit when stirring is called for, so there’s that too (mischievous grin).

Trigger Warning: TBMs might want to proceed with caution because a glittery pink penis dressed in a suit may be involved (priesthood envy).

Website #4: Cryptids: Fact & Fiction

Cryptids are creatures that might exist but haven’t been scientifically proven real – you know, bigfoot, Nessie, dogman, etc. This website also has a fun Facebook spin-off page. 

This website contains the results of a two year teaching experiment in which college classes created Believability Indices to apply to cryptid sightings and physical evidence.  One of the indices was published in the magazine Cryptid Culture a few years ago.  Final group projects included creating a video mocking the TV versions of cryptid sightings (which I think is hilarious) (student video)and faux newspaper articles and an atlas (cryptid creations).  Fun stuff. 

Website #5: Exploring Place: Sonoma County and Beyond

This website contains the weekly content of a course I created for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Sonoma State University.  It was a fun experiment. If you’re interested in Sonoma County, CA or learning about place, you might enjoy this site.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something useful.  Please don’t hesitate to use the contact link at the top of the page to contact me.